Exploring ThingChat - An IoT Chat Bot built on top of a Serverless Backend

..MQTT,Zigbee,CANBus,and more! The era of interconnected devices and cognitive bots is finally here and it is changing the world that we live in. At Interconnect '17 we gave everybody the chance to say Hello to ThingChat, our very own Cognitive Chat Bot that speaks MQTT - yes, an IoT Bot. It can understand context and natural language and works across multiple channels including Facebook Messenger, Twilio(Text) and its very own mobile app while running on a serverless backend(OpenWhisk).

This video was recorded at IBM InterConnect 2017 at Las Vegas,NV. For more videos in this series please visit www.miraclesoft.com/events/interconnect17/

Event Speakers

Chanakya Lokam
Director - Marketing | Innovation

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.