Exploring IBM's Application Integration Suite with for Hybrid Integration Scenarios

There are 100 million lines of code in a new car, 5 million lines of code in the average smart appliance, 1.2 million lines of code in a smartphone and 80,000 lines of code in a pacemaker. The world is literally being reinvented in code and Cloud is the platform of choice. But do you have the right IPaaS in place to handle your Hybrid Cloud and Integration needs? Join us as we discuss about the concept of an IPaaS and why IBM's Application Integration Suite can help enable you for the Cloud and API Economy.

This video was recorded at IBM InterConnect 2017 at Las Vegas,NV. For more videos in this series please visit www.miraclesoft.com/events/interconnect17/

Event Speakers

Kunal Mittal
Practice Manager - Solution Architecture

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.