Enabling Intelligent Document Processing with UiPath's Document Understanding

Wouldn't it be great if robots could understand and process your documents? It would expand the capabilities of your automation robots and allow your organization to realize it's true automation potential. UiPath's Document Understanding combines RPA and AI to achieve end-to-end document processing. It helps organizations extract and interpret data from a wide range of document types such as tables, handwriting, signatures, or check boxes.

This video demonstrates how UiPath's Document Understanding helps users extract data from various types of documents and how to use UiPath Intelligent OCR for data extraction and processing of structured and unstructured documents. You will also gain an in-depth understanding of various Document Processing Framework components including Document Taxonomy, Document Classification, Data Extraction, Human Validation Loops, and more.

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Event Speakers

Tejaswi Miriyala
Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems(India), Pvt. Ltd