Daily Login through Facial Recognition using MASIA

At Miracle's offices across the US, we were facing a tremendous challenge of digitizing our employees in and out time sheets. So what could we innovate here? Our Innovation Labs built a Tablet-optimized Android Application that lets users digitally sign in to the office everyday. They can check in, check out and leave for lunch as well through the app.

They simply come in everyday, and sign in using one of many methods which include credential authentication, QR Code authentication through our corporate mobile app and Facial Recognition as well. In the video hear more about how we implemented the Azures Face API and the overall deployment architecture for MASIA.

The Laboratory is a video series brought to you by Miracle's Innovation Labs team.For more videos please visit www.miraclesoft.com/thelabs

Event Speakers

Akash Pavate
Practice Manager - Cognitive, AI/ML and Innovation

Miracle Software Systems