Cara - A Retail Bot with Watson Assistant and Facebook Messenger

Messaging is the new digital interface for today's shoppers. So why not give them a chance to do what they love to do right from Facebook Messenger, let them shop! Lack of 24/7 agents, long waiting times and repetitive questions all lead to brand degradation and customer frustration. How do we improve your customer experience?

With a Conversational Chatbot, users can get immediate and uniform answers 24/7 right from Facebook Messenger. They can place orders, check delivery status, ask FAQs about returns and so much more! And if the bot can't answer it, an agent can always take over through our integration with Salesforce Live Agent.

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Event Speakers

Udaya Nandipati
Bluemix Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

RamPrakash Seepana
Research Associate - Cognitive

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.