Miracle Software Systems, Inc. is a Global Systems Integrator with 25 years of proven experience in providing software services to various industries ranging from Retail to Logistics. Through our various strategic partnerships we have evolved to support digital transformation journeys of many clients which includes expertise in next-generation technologies such as AI, Cloud, Mobile, AR/VR, Advanced Analytics, and more.

With the introduction of AI and Data Lake, organizations can now bring so much value to their customers. The implementation of these technologies is fascinating, so we thought it would be even more beneficial to discuss key factors to enterprise AI strategy over lunch. Come join us at our 'Miracle Lunchbox Workshop' on April 30th, 2019 in Novi and let's spend some quality time talking about technology with a delicious lunch.


Artificial Intelligence

Experience the power of human intelligence within machines

Machine Learning

Accomplish your task with ease using statistical models

Data Management

Cleanse and remodel your data for effective business operation


Workshop Topics

Defining AI Strategy

Session Time - 12:00 - 1:30 PM

AI has proven its strength in the IT world and its demand continues to rise at a rapid pace. To remain relevant in the field of IT, every company is moving forward to implement AI practices into their businesses. In the session 'Defining AI Strategy', our experts will demonstrate how to get started on forming an agile AI team in your organization, how to form AI team structures, and decoding frequently used AI, ML, and Deep Learning terms. Along with this you can also gain knowledge on the limitations and pitfalls of AI, including the fail fast, and learn fast strategies.

Data Lake Strategy

Session Time - 1:30 - 3:00 PM

The storage of data in an unstructured format, and later structuring the data packets when required, has made Data Lakes agile and cost-effective. This causes it to be superior to the traditional data storages and thus creates a huge demand in the IT market. In the session on 'Data Lake Strategy' one of our experts will show you the best approaches of successful Data Lake implementations on cloud and on-premise, while reviewing various architectures, and data flow using real-time examples.

Naresh Jasotani
Director - Data & Analytics
Miracle Software Systems, Inc.