Experience Future Tech @ Interconnect ‘17

Through Miracle’s Experience Future Tech showcase we will be demoing live uses cases and technology to help you understand what it takes to take an idea into production. From Cloud to Cognitive, we have you covered - come by Booth #729 in the Solution EXPO at Interconnect ’17 this March. Speak with our Innovation Labs team members and enjoy some thrilling conversation.

As digital transformation continues to become the most critical piece for all CIOs, Cloud and DevOps continue to be the enablers for this transformation. They provide you with the speed and quality that is required to stay competitive in this new era of consumer demand.


  The 15 Minute WAS Cluster Challenge

What if you could spin up multiple WAS Nodes, configure a cluster and rapidly deploy your application all on the cloud. With IBM Bluemix you can, and it takes minutes to get your environment up and running. Explore various deployment options from buildpacks to containers and check out the possible migration routes that are correct for you.


  Continuously Deliver your Java Applications

While cloud provides you with scalability, you need to enable your developers to be able to rapidly deploy to see the full benefits. With DevOps Toolchains and Delivery Pipelines, IBM Bluemix allows your developers to rapidly build, test, deploy and promote your applications. In this live demo you will be able to see how you can enable a delivery pipeline which automates code analysis, unit tests, build and deploy, integration tests and blue-green deployments.


  Image Processing Pipeline with OpenWhisk

From virtualization to the cloud, from VMs to containers – we have also been looking for ways to improve our applications. But what if you could forget about servers for a while, and only focus on building? That is what serverless provides to your developers – rapid deployment of your services with no headaches about infrastructure. So what kind of loads to your run on OpenWhisk? Check out what we’ve built on OpenWhick and understand how it can fit your needs.

With cloud being adopted by enterprises rapidly, the need for a Hybrid Integration strategy has never been greater. Most CIOs see integration as a challenge to adopting the cloud. So how do you leap that barrier to ensure that you can grow your boundaries and serve your customers.


  Exploring IBM’s Application Integration Suite

For an evolving Hybrid Environment you need a product set that can help you rapidly integrate services to provide an unified experience. So how does it all work, how do we get there and what needs to be done? Come by our booth for a live demo of IBM’s Application Integration Suite to check out how it fits with your cloud strategy.


  Building Microservices with Node and Mongo DB

Microservices are now an established style of architecture. This architectural style of decomposing applications into network-based services has been credited with increasing software delivery speed and improving scalability and resiliency. However, to succeed with a microservice architecture in the long run, you'll need to deal with the increasing complexity of your microservice-based software system as it grows. Taking a design-based approach from the outset will help you scale up more smoothly and establish a sustainable implementation. Come and check out our demo and learn more about microservices.


  Monitoring your Integration Engine is Fun!

Visibility into your Integration Engine is key to your team’s success. With Miracle’s Enterprise Monitoring Framework you will gain enhanced visibility into your transactions, quicker access to business information, enhanced event search options and a real-time dashboard. MEMF can be hosted anywhere that you would like and supports IBM’s entire integration stack. Come by our booth and see how MEMF can help you gain the visibility that your Integration Platform deserves.

While Enterprise continue to adopt mobility, cloud and devops – how do you really differentiate yourselves? With Cognitive and IoT, enterprises have two powerful weapons that can take their offerings to the next level. Whether it is a conversational agent (or) a connected store, the possibilities are endless.

Chat Bots

  Welcome ThingChat - Miracle’s IoT Bot

With the advent of IoT, the possibilities of connected things and applications has increased. We are increasingly seeing homes that are connected, stores that are connected and lives that are connected. So what if we combined this connected world with a chat bot. Come over and meet ThingChat, Miracle’s chat bot that can control remote things via MQTT.


  Miracle’s Watson Dashboard for Cognitive Services

We all know how powerful an engine like Watson can be, from its analytical capabilities to visual recognition. So how do you harness such a power and integrate it with your applications. Come and check out how we have integrated Watson services including personality insights, visual recognition and more. This will give you a great view of how you can start the cognitization of your applications.


  Water is Precious – Miracle’s Tank-o-Meter

When we were having problems with loosing water through our water tanks in a 400 acre campus, we first looked towards technology as the savior. A few months later we have a fully working model that is helping us save hundreds of gallons of water everyday while also collecting data and insights that we never had before. Come around to our booth and check out Tank-o-Meter, our very own pet water project.