Sr. Architect (Hybrid Cloud/Snowflake)

Development | 9-15 Years

Description We are looking for a Sr. Architect to design our Hybrid Cloud environment, establish a 3-tier HA/geographically redundant environment (dev, test, prod). Other responsibilities would be standing up temporary Blob storage, data replication (cross-region), disaster recovery, security policies definition and implementation, Streaming data ingestion and consumption (loT devices, sensors, cameras, POS etc.), optimization of our Enterprise Data Warehouse environment, Drone/Geospatial/GeoJSON data ingestion and consumption strategy, connection and migrating to Snowflake, ensuring enterprise security and access control policies are adhered to in the solution, conduct design and code reviews.

Technical Experience: 5+ years Experience with designing and implementing Hybrid Cloud solutions 2+ years Experience working with Snowflake and migrating data from on-prem applications, files, databases to Snowflake 5+ years experience designing and implementing data pipelines to prepare, process, organize data and feed downstream systems 10+ years Experience with design, architecture and implementation of systems creating, storing and consuming, involving large data volumes (TB, PB) 10+ years Experience Troubleshooting, problem solving and performance tuning of data pipelines and queries accessing data warehouse Experience Creating best practices and standards for data pipelining and integration with Snowflake data warehouses Strong documentation skills and Creation of architecture and design artifacts and documents Strong Integration experience with Streaming, Kafka etc. Knowledge of various ETL and data ingestion mechanisms and understanding of what tools work best in different situations Advanced knowledge of databases (Oracle, SQL Server), Partitioning, Indexing, advanced oracle analytical functions such as Rank, dense_rank, lag This position typically requires a Bachelor's degree, usually in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.


February 07 , 2019

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