Nowadays industries are moving towards agile methodologies and this has made QA and Testing an even more critical and integral part of SDLC. Teams want extreme agility, reduced time to market, continuous deployment and rapid innovation.

Testing-as-a-Service(TaaS) plays an important role in functional testing, test automation, performance testing, mobility and security testing by introducing short test execution cycle and helps in reducing organization’s overall testing efforts to meet the business outcomes. TaaS is a consumption based, pay-as-you-go model, focussed on deliverables.

Consumption based,
pay-as-you-go model – focussed on deliverables
Easier and Faster
Functional, Automation, Performance,
Security and Mobile Testing
Testing Types
Model includes people,
processes, methodologies, tools and frameworks
One Stop Shop

Testing as service

TaaS Model


Through Testing-as-a-Service we can provide you with a range of enterprise benefits,

  • Faster to market
  • No upfront investments
  • No recurring costs
  • Lowers overall testing cost
  • Better Demand Management and Planning
  • No attrition worries
  • Low risk with better business outcomes

If you would like to learn more about Testing-as-a-Service reach out to us at qa@miraclesoft.com

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Case Study

Manual and Automation Testing for a Leading Beverages Customer