Quality Assurance Services

Miracle's Assessment team can help your organization to determine the maturity of its process and to identify improvement steps that are essential to achieving a higher level of test maturity.

QA/Testing Maturity Model
  • Most of the IT organisation are in L2 and L3
  • Higher the maturity, better for the buissness outcome

We can take your testing process to best in class.
Our methodology includes,

  • State Assessment using preoperatory maturity model
  • Identify target operating model and maturity level
  • Develop realistic plan
  • Empowered / enabled oraganisation to meet the maturity level and deliver world class application solution
testing maturity

If you would like to learn more about On Quality Assurance Services reach out to us at qa@miraclesoft.com

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Case Study

Automation Testing for Web Services at Large Retailer