On Demand Resourcing

Miracle On Demand Resourcing provides you with quality consultants at short notice and lower costs. We work with both Fixed Price and Time & Material basis with the resources that you need. You can even determine a set number of man days and pay-as-you-go (or) flatten your spend and pay a fixed monthly fee over an agreed period of time.

Based on our experience, the On-Demand Resourcing Model will work for your organization if,

  • You have a regular need for resources and don't want to use contractors from numerous agencies
  • You want to keep your FTE headcount low while still ensuring the delivery of the projects

We ensure that services are delivered at a very short notice and in a flexible way that allows for fluctuation in demand. We act as an extension of your business by building a "virtual bench" of qualified resources that can be drawn down when you need them.


If you would like to learn more about On Demand Resourcing reach out to us at qa@miraclesoft.com

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On-Demand Webinar

Testing-as-a-Service - Simple, On-Demand and Pay-as-you-go Model