Managed Testing Services

As consumers expect businesses to provide personalized content and seamless experience across all channels, focus on quality assurance and testing is rising. Although, many organizations struggle to establish a testing function that can deliver high quality whilst staying cost efficient and agile. It can be difficult to focus on core business aspects while worrying about testing your software. By establishing a long-term partnership, Miracle takes full responsibility of your project, by managing, staffing and providing quality testing services.

Testing Center of Excellence

A Testing Center of Excellence(TCoE) is a centralized unit comprising testing processes, people, tools that operate as shared services in order to provide testing services with optimal benefits across the organization.

TCoE accrues many benefits to an organization in terms of improved quality, lesser time to market and lower cost of ownership. Implementing the recommendations by TCoE expert enables enterprises to build an efficient, dynamic and lean testing function that gives,

  • Improved efficiency
  • Optimizes people and tool utilization
  • Reduces testing costs
  • Better Business Outcomes
managed testing

The following benefits can be acquired with the implementation of a Testing Center of Excellence,

  • Highly responsive and dependable testing services
  • Offshore Testing Center with co-located teams
  • Improved test planning, management, governance and reporting
  • Reduction in total cost of software testing up to 30%
  • Access to the latest innovations in the space of quality and performance

Our teams have experience in helping numerous customers to setup and run TCoEs including running our own internal TCoE for customers as well. If you would like to learn more about setting up your own TCoE today reach out to us at

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Case Study

Establishing Testing COE for Global Carpet Manufacturer