Qliksense Admin/Developer

Development | 4-6 Years

Primary Skills: Perform detailed analysis of source systems and source system data and model that data in Qlik Sense/Qlik View. Qlik Sense Admin - 1

Configure and administer Qlik Sense sites using Qlik Management Console (QMC) Publish, reload, duplicate, import, or delete Qlik apps Control access, tokens, and permissions for users Control content security based on security rules Manage data connections and extensions to select and load data Synchronize content and users of Qlik sites Manage tasks and triggers for Qlik sites Troubleshoot issues regarding access, data visualizations, display issues, streams, and performance Train users on how to use the Qlik Sense tool for reporting and data visualization to include communicating best practices.

Miracle Heights IND

February 11 , 2019

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