Sr Dot Net Developer

Development | 3-5 Years

Required Skills: 5+ years extensive hands-on experience.Deep understanding of .NET fundamentals, OOPs, Design Principles, Component Based Scalable Design and Security/Performance best practices .Expert on ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, HTML, JavaScript/UI Frameworks like JQuery, Angular 2/4 or ReactJS.Deep understanding on Web/Windows/Mobile Application development using C#/.Net and SQL Server.Experience and understanding on TDD and Mock frameworks like Fakes or Moq.Strong design, documentation, problem solving skills with zeal to be on top of new technologies.Ability to work in fast paced agile and challenging environments.Highly inquisitive mind, always ready to learn, to whom development and innovation is a passion and never scare to look under the covers of a framework.

Skills Required

  • Technology agnostic mindset.
  • .NET Core Framework Experience.
  • Familiarity/Experience on Docker, Containers and Orchestration.

If interested email your resume to / call us at 2482331106

United States Of America

February 11 , 2019

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