Mobile Architect

Development | 9-13 Years

Are you experienced ? Waiting for the right opportunity? Then Miracle is the right place you can opt for. Here is an exciting job opportunity for a Mobile Architect

Significant experience in creating, publishing, and supporting iOS and Android native applications in a public app store Significant experience in continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing, and other DevOps-related tools and practices Significant experience in Mobile-first and API-first best practices Hands-on with Xcode, Swift, Android Studio, Java, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, REST, Linux Experience in industry UX best practices and Human Interface guidelines, especially for mobile applications Experience with IoT devices or integrations Design high-performance native applications e.g. iOS, Android, gaming, connected home or vehicle, wearables, etc that deliver fantastic customer experiences and proactively mitigate any degradation of service in production


December 13 , 2016

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