IIB Administrator

Development | 8-14 Years

Experience as an IIB Admin with Architect lead experience, API integration, best practices, use cases, testing, validations, coordination of deliverables. Experience in installing and configuring IIB and MQ on AIX v6.1. Proficiency on scripting and deployment skills. IIB Admin with WMQ administration and API Integration since client is migrating to IIB 10. IIB Desktop Environment Installation and Configuration.

Working experience with IIB on different operating platforms. Hands on experience with Shell Scripting. Experience in installing IIB and MQ on different operating platforms. Experience working on IIB environment which includes installation and upgrade, testing, backup and recovery system, hardware and software maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring. Strong analytic and problem solving abilities. Must have excellent communication skills.

United States Of America

October 06 , 2016

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