File Transfer and B2B/EDI

Multi-Enterprise Collaboration is at the heart of nearly every organization and is essential for an enterprise to become efficient and dynamic. However, effective collaboration can be a challenging task to achieve due to dynamic nature of the business ecosystem. With increasing customer demands, varying trading partner capabilities, resource constraints and ever-changing industry standards and regulations, many businesses find it difficult to find the right strategy for their large ecosystem of partners, customers and suppliers.

In order to succeed organizations must connect, integrate and synchronize their extended value chains so they may become essential to customers, partners and suppliers. Quickly being able to adapt to trading partner needs, optimizing supply chains and constant monitoring the performance of on-going EDI transactions is required to create the dream On-Demand Enterprise. For the past 20 years File Transfer and B2B/EDI have been integral parts of Miracle's Service Portfolio, with one of the largest contingents of certified B2B/EDI consultants present in our team.

Innovation is at the key of our teams strategies, and our Center of Excellence for B2B lets us research into the common challenges and issues faced by the common business. This analysis has helped us over the years to quickly understand the needs of the industry and the enterprise and quickly build and adaptive strategy for optimizing your costs and increasing productivity. Our teams have been able to build Accelerators and Frameworks which help in providing an insight into your transactional processes and brings greater ease for working with your dynamic partners. Seamless consolidation of your B2B/EDI systems and quick customization capabilities, help us to give you the best solution possible.

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B2B/EDI Services

  • Consulting and Custom Training Services
  • B2B/EDI Managed Services
  • B2B Integration Health Check Services
  • Product Evaluation and Selection
  • B2B/EDI Testing Services
  • Legacy EDI Platform Consolidation/Migration
  • Supply Chain Visibility Services
  • Software Sales and Renewals
  • B2B Security Services
  • Alerts and Monitoring Frameworks

Managed File Transfer Services

  • Architecture and Design
  • ROI/TCO/Competitive Analysis
  • Operation Support and Monitoring
  • Development and Deployment
  • 24x7 MFT Managed Services


  • SAP Netweaver Process Integrator
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Seeburger Business Integration Suite
  • IBM Standards Processing Engine
  • IBM Multi-Relationship Manager

Managed File Transfer

  • Aspera File Transfer
  • Sterling File Gateway
  • Sterling Secure Proxy
  • Sterling Control Center
  • Sterling Connect:Direct
  • Sterling Multi Enterprise Gateway

In today's dynamic marketplace it is critical for businesses to have a solid IT platform to enable themselves to become optimized and high performance leaders in the industry. Streamlining and optimizing your B2B/EDI operations is essential to enable ourselves to scale up rapidly, while maintaining a high output level. With Miracle's Custom-Built B2B/EDI/MFT frameworks, this is exactly what we provide. Through experience, research and technology our teams have been able to build optimized frameworks which help you to get the best business value with both reduced time and cost.

Through our B2B Frameworks and Accelerators you can have,

  • Faster Time-To-Market with pre-built and re-usable components available
  • Reduced Implementation Costs with common use cases already implemented for you
  • Improved Quality through multiple instances of proven installation and implementation

Some of the Accelerators and Frameworks that our teams have built are,