Software Solutions for PPM

Miracle partners with the best in class PPM providers in order to offer our customers the best options available to address their project needs. To make sure you are getting the most out of your PPM software we also provide the following services,


Solution Discovery

Find out which solution meets all your requirements through product evaluations and workshops. We can also do demos so that the requirements your team has are fully addressed.



As a partner, we’ve had training on all these tools and know the ins and outs of administration. Let us assist you in configuring to your needs and making the modifications that address your environment.



We can quickly train your teams on how to get the most out of the solution. We know that the quicker your team can get up to speed on the solution, the faster your projects get done - no time is wasted here.


Ongoing Support

Need help with a question? We’re here to assist you with whatever might come up. Including the ability to have onsite and offshore resources to not only use the tool, but also lead your projects. This will give your internal teams a go-to resource to help guide them and provide real-world examples.

For more information regarding Miracle’s Portfolio and Project Management Solutions reach out to