Finding the right resources

Everybody needs project management. Everybody needs business analysis. Everybody needs program management. Certainly, everybody needs a great Scrum Master too. Why try to find resources to fill these needs on your own when Miracle has been filling these functions and others for the past 20+ years?

We know that quality matters. We know that your specific requirements matter. We also know that time is a commodity. So let us fill needs with our quality resources that will meet all your needs, and do it all at the speed of thought!

Our resources can also be anywhere you need them to be including onsite, offshore, or anywhere in between. Here are some of the benefits of our resource sourcing model,


Onsite Resources

They’re in your facility, collaborating with your teams and driving your projects to success. They’re on your schedule and having face-to-face discussions with whoever is needed. Experience and quality are a given. They’ll have the background you want, in the industry you reside, and have already implemented the solution you’re embarking on. They’ll fit in so well, you’ll think they were your own resources!


Offshore Resources

They’ll be with your offshore teams driving them to success. They can still be on whatever schedule is needed, but this should be aligned with the teams they’re located with. These resources bring US based experience to the table, while working offshore. Additionally, there’s also a significant cost savings to be achieved using this model.


Hybrid Resources

Need resources working around the clock to get your projects done? Everything is possible with our teams. Why not try a hybrid model that allows resources to be managed by an onsite project manager and then let them hand off to an offshore PM who will manage an offshore team who will keep progress moving.

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