Miracle @ IBM Interconnect ‘17

The future of technology has never looked brighter, and it is changing everybody’s lives for the better. IBM Interconnect is back! This March, technology will take over Las Vegas for 4 exhilarating days of expert talks, guest speakers and partying. With over 20,000 attendees expected, this is a technology event that you do not want to miss. From cognitive technologies to hybrid cloud, internet of things to enterprise integration. You cannot miss Interconnect!


Tech Sessions


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Guest Speakers at Interconnect ‘17

Experience Interconnect

Experience Future Tech

Tired of presentations? Well, our Innovation Labs team loves live demos and they are going to be there in the EXPO at Interconnect ’17. Chat Bots that understand emotion, smart and connected things and microservices that scale –we’ve got everything to help you understand what it takes for the future.

Connected, Contextual and Cognitive

The future is full of technology, and we think that chat bots and self-cars are just the tip of the iceberg. Hear from our Director of Innovation, Chanakya Lokam, as he talks about how digital transformation is transforming interactions between the enterprise and their      consumers.

Experts Speak!

What better way to learn how it’sdone than to hear straight from the experts who have done it before. Come and attend any one of our sessions at Interconnect ’17 and listen to our Technical Experts, Customers and Labs Experts speak about best practices, implementation architectures and more.