Project Manager (PMO)

Development | 3-15 Years

Miracle Software Systems, Inc. is looking to add PMO Team with following job description. Generic Duties: Modify and manage existing Software Processes to correct errors, to adapt it to new designs, or to upgrade interfaces and improve performance. Manage application projects and/or system activities along with developing test routines or procedures to Perform Testing / Quality assurance activities to ensure that the software continues to function normally through software maintenance and testing. Maintain, troubleshoot, optimize and improve existing applications and systems /Provide solution designs based on strategic direction and business needs. Plan, Design and implement Proof of Concepts (POC) and Proof of Technology (POT) for the new technologies to determine and recommend modifications to existing systems. Produce technical documentation in accordance with SDLC guidelines, Communicate with technical and non-technical groups on a regular basis as part of product firmware releases around the POC / POT for various customer engagements. Participate in Quality Assurance activities to develop test strategies and to validate test plans for Integration projects along with developing test routines and procedures to perform Testing/Quality Assurance activities to ensure that the software continues to function normally through software maintenance and testing.

Duties Specific to PMO Team Design or develop software systems, Conducting diagnosis/ assessment activities and defining high-level program/action plans, Understanding the requirements - identifying the stakeholder’s different requirement, helping to analyze the requirements and extracting those of architectural and design significance. Prepare reports and KPI concerning project specifications, activities, or status along with Participating in monthly reviews with management and Stakeholders. This position typically requires a Bachelor's degree, usually in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.


February 11 , 2019

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