AP Cloud Initiative


The mission of this program is to create 100,000 Digital Transformation Professionals in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh, The Sunrise State is destined to become the World's preferred destination for companies looking for Digital Transformation Skills. The world is Transforming digitally day by day at an alarming pace, and this is driving organizations to digitize their business processes and models. Organizations that could not transform rapidly will become the Companies of the Past and cease to Exist.

Every day the world shifts more towards a highly demanding Consumer that is adopting the New Technologies like Mobile and Social, and is expecting the Business to meet their demands and challenges in real time. However, businesses are facing huge challenges with finding the skills necessary for making this Digital Transformation a reality. Businesses have strategies aligned to their Digital Transformation Plans but the Real Challenge now is finding those Skilled Professionals, and to be able to help them make this happen. This is where we, Team Miracle made a commitment to be at the forefront of making this happen by investing in the Skilled Workforce Development.

Miracle Software System, Inc. a Global Thought Leader, a Cloud Systems Integrator and a Visakhapatnam Based Company is now committed to ensuring that the Required Digital Transformation skills are provided to all of the Current and the Future Software Professionals. Miracle Software Systems, Inc. headquartered out of Detroit, MI, USA has its regional presence in Vizag the City of Destiny, and is committed to enabling the Professionals on some of the Core Technical Skills necessary for this Digital Transformation. These efforts will lead to a better and Transformed Society in Andhra Pradesh providing High Paid Jobs to the People of Andhra Pradesh.

There is no doubt that digitizing the world of work is bringing up huge changes. After the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution, we now have the Digital Revolution. Similar to the Industrial Revolution, which automated the production processes, the digitisation of the world of work is automating knowledge and changing information and communication in technologies

Digital Transformation is about influencing Customer Experience, Business Innovation & Business Efficiency powered by Disruptive Technologies, Insights & Processes. It is made possible with SMAC Technologies (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing).


The various Cloud Technologies that we will be focusing on are Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, Microsoft Azure and IBM BlueMix. The Program will also be focusing on new technologies like Node.Js and NoSQL. Node.Js and NoSQL are gaining popularity in the market along with the other MEAN stack technologies. We will make sure that you become familiar with Cloudant and MongoDB which are the famous NoSQL technologies. There is both the Cloud Native Application Programming and the Cloud Administration that is quickly becoming a very easy skill to attain for the people of Andhra Pradesh.


Being able to predict the Future based on the Past, and doing it in Real time is the challenge for most of the organizations. Can we do this using the Big Data that is being aggregated at an amazing pace? Can we augment a Business Process with The Predictive Analytics and the Cognitive Computing Capabilities to make that Differentiation for the Business? This is where our people of Andhra Pradesh are being trained, on things like Neural Network, Big Data Hadoop, Spark, R Language and several others. Most of the big data is produced from the IOT devices. This voluminous streaming data analysis in real time requires some special technologies like kaska and IBM streams.


I don't think we can sleep any more without the Mobile next to us. This is having a huge impact, not only on the individuals but also on the IT world. The Cyber Crime is increasing at an alarming pace, so the challenge for Digital Transformation is how do we use these technologies to help make this transformation in a secure manner. Whether it is about using API Management or using Mobile Frameworks like Ionic or IBM Mobile First or Microsoft Azure, we need to ensure that we have the skills necessary to be able to do this.


Social Networking has had a huge impact on almost all of us in terms of how we interact, how we get influenced by Decisions of Others and other activities. Whether it is LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter - the end game is how can these streaming sources of data containing individual sentiments and actions be capitalized by the Enterprises. That is where the Digital Transformation Technical Skills come into picture. How can we developers take Twitter Feed and Integrate it with the Pricing or Marketing Campaigns.


Cyber Security is the No.1 Investment Area for the Fortune 1000 Companies. Well, if you've been reading the news recently all sorts of different attacks and data breaches are happening every day. At any point down the wire your data could be exposed, altered or stolen. The various technologies that come under this domain are as follows: Identity and Access Management like Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Tivoli, Oracle Identity Management, PING , Threat / Vunerability Assessment, Monitoring and Management, SPAM, Virus, Pishing and other Malware Control and Cleanup Activities and other security related issues. Edge Security at the Transaction Level is also a very important aspect of businesses like HTTPS, AS2, Digital Certificate Management, Cloud Application Identity Integration with Enterprise Identity Management and other aspects being part of this major space. Single SignOn and other aspects of Application Authentication, Authorization and Auditing(AAA) are major concerns of an Enterprise. Apart from this the aspect of Data Security on premise as well as Data Security in Mobile Application is another area that we all need to think about as Enterprise Software Developers.