The World's Destination for Digital Transformation


The mission of AP Cloud is to create 100,000(1 lakh) Digital Transformation Professionals in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh, The Sunrise State of India, is destined to become the world's preferred destination for companies looking for Digital Transformation Skills. The world is transforming digitally everyday at alarming pace, and this is driving organizations to digitize their business processes and models. Organizations that fail to continuously transform will become companies of the past and cease to exist. Continue Reading 

Our CM's Vision

It is the vision of our Honorable Chief Minister, Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu Garu, of transforming our state into Digital AP. He has started numerous initiatives aimed towards bridging the digital divide and skills enablement which leads to job creation and economic growth in the state. Through AP Cloud we hope to make his vision a reality and make AP a global destination for Digital Transformation Skills.

About Team Miracle

Miracle Software Systems is a 22 year old US based company, a Thought Leader, a Certified Cloud Systems Integrator and a product IT company from the city of Visakhapatnam. Privately held with over 2000 employees globally, Miracle specializes in Cloud Services, Hybrid Integration, Digital Application Development, Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Enterprise Mobility. Team Miracle holds strategic partnerships with numerous IT giants such as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, AWS, Apigee, Axway and more. Team Miracle is committed to enable 100,000(1 lakh) students and professionals in the core skills required for Digital Transformation. Miracle, along with numerous US based Cloud Services firms and over 300 universities and colleges will be making AP Cloud a reality.